Friday, November 23, 2012

What if Money didn't matter

What would you like to do if money were no object?
How would you really enjoy spending your life? 

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

SHARE it with everyone and give inspiration to others.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Motivated to help others for a change

In the past month I have been going through a LOT. Im sure most of you are going through something as well. The only difference is what will you do in adversity?? Will you allow it to hold you down, keep you down or will YOU make a stance that something HAS TO CHANGE! Stop "saying" your going to do something and make a plan of action and lay it out! If you don't write it out its going to be tough sticking it out! Write down what your "WHY" is

 Because thoughts are THINGS! If you think you CAN'T Your RIGHT But If you think YOU CAN your also RIGHT! Which one will you DECIDE to do? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You know there is a story of a old dog laying on a porch and the dog is just making a low pitch howl and as people walk bye they just look at him and finally a young man ask the owner... Sir, why is your dog just howling" and the owner said because he is laying on a nail..the young boy said well why doesn't he get up and move then? The owner said because he isn't hurting bad enough I guess!

 Guys SO MANY people are like this. They are hurting and SAY they want help but most of them just aren't hurting bad enough to do anything about it. Even when a better opportunity comes their way they say "That doesn't look like something I would be good at" or "That just sounds to good to be true" yet YOU their friend just started a few months ago from laying on his nail and is now feeling GREAT.

 Come to find out most people are simply afraid of success! Thats right. For some they have never had it before. Some are lazy as we know and some wont even try because their "Pride" wont allow them to try something new. If your in the same situation you were in 2-3 years ago then more than likely you are going to be there in the next 2-3 years! Your like the may be hurting but not bad enough. Make 2013 YOUR YEAR! Start TODAY though DONT WAIT until Jan.

 If you wait until January what your really saying is I am a annual goal setter. Your like the 97% GET OUT of there and switch to the 3% that set goals weekly and monthly! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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Billy Womack

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For Parents : Talking With Children

Now that my daughter is 13 going on 20 these are some great tip and facts to keep in mind for all adults and parents.  My daughter has been given these talks now for years and I'm sure she is tired of it. To bad sweetheart.......   
Parenting isn’t easy, especially when it comes to talking to children about alcohol and drugs. Many parents hope to avoid the subject entirely.
But, as parents we have far more influence than we think and talking honestly about alcohol and drugs can have a real impact.  In fact, research has shown that kids who have conversations with their parents and learn a lot about the dangers of alcohol and drug use are50% less likely to use alcohol and drugs than those who don’t have such conversations.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but if you’re reading this page it’s likely you have one of the key ingredients for success:  WILLINGNESS.  It can be challenging to develop the communication skills needed to talk with your children about drinking and drugs, but it will be well worth the effort you put into it, as you get to know your children a little better and help them build the coping skills they need to handle the anger, stress, peer pressure, loneliness and disappointment that are part of being an adolescent.  Helping them build the skills they need to cope with these challenges is important not only in life, but in staying away from alcohol and drugs as well.
Teachable Moments:  Nobody wants their child to have a problem with alcohol or drugs, and as a parent you can be a primary source of positive and reliable information.  Taking advantage of “teachable moments” when alcohol or drug issues come up so you can have a frank conversation with them is important.  It’s not about “the big talk, it’s about being there for them when the issues come up on TV, at the movies, on the radio, news events about celebrities or sports figures, about their friends or in conversation.  Don’t miss your opportunity to teach your kids……if you do, your children will get their information about alcohol and drugs from friends and acquaintances, the media, the internet or other sources that not only misrepresent the potential negative impact of alcohol and drugs but, actually glorify using alcohol and drugs!
Age Matters-  It’s Never Too Young To Start:  You have more influence over your kids’ attitudes and decisions about alcohol and drugs before they start, than you do afterwards.  Start early!  Children go through many different stages as they grow up and what’s appropriate to tell an 18-year-old and a 9-year-old about alcohol and drugs can vary quite a bit.  Yet, it’s never too early to begin the conversation.  The more informed children are, the more these issues can be discussed as “matter of fact” issues, the better off they’ll be.  
Here are some basic Guidelines for Parents to assist you:
  • Listen Before You Talk-  Encourage Conversation:  As parents we want to have “all the answers.”  And, sometimes we are so anxious to share our wisdom or our opinion that we don’t take the time to listen.  For kids, knowing that we are really listening is the most important thing we can do to help.
  • Talk to Your Child and Ask Open Ended Questions:  Talk to your child regularly – about their feelings, their friends, their activities – and listen to what they have to say.  As much as you can, and sometimes it’s not easy, try to avoid questions that have a simple “yes” or “no” answer.
  • Be Involved:  Be involved in your child’s everyday world.  Get to know your child’s friends and continue to educate your child about the importance of maintaining good health – psychological, emotional and physical. 
  • Set Expectations, Limits and Consequences:  Make it clear that you do not want your child drinking alcohol or using drugs and that you trust them not to.  Talk about possible consequences of drug and alcohol use, both legal and medical, and be clear about what you will do if the rules are broken.
  • Be Honest and Open:  Care about what your child is going through as they face and make decisions that will affect their lives now and for the future.
  • Be Positive:  Many parents have discovered that talking about alcohol and drugs with their children has built bridges rather than walls between them and have proudly watched those children learn to make healthy, mature decisions on their own.
  • Family History:  Both research and personal experience have clearly documented that addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a chronic, progressive disease that can be linked to family history and genetics.  So, if you have a family history of problems with alcohol or drugs, be matter of fact about it, as you would any other chronic disease, such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer.
Please feel free to comment about anything pertaining to this article or from personal experience.  Feed back is welcome.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I allow myself to simply be me.


I allow myself to simply be me
I believe that I was created by a master artist and I am confident
that I am who I was meant to be, so I gladly allow myself
to simply be me.

I may be a work-in-progress, but I keep myself continually
open to the smoothing and shaping hands of my Maker.
I choose not to waste time worrying about what could be,
if I were someone else, because I am happy being me.

I believe that there is plan for my life. I may not be able
to see it all clearly right now, and that's okay. I don't
have to be able to see every step I need to take (or why I
need to take it). I simply focus on developing the skills
and talents instilled within me from the beginning.
As I do so, my purpose becomes clearer, one step at a time.

Because I am confident in my purpose, I am able to relax and
enjoy the success of others without feeling the need to compete.
I let go of the tendency to glorify other people's successes
and to view them as more important than my own. Some may be
more glittery and noticeable than my own, but they are no more

I want to thrive in my own life. This means that I must let
go of the idea that I can, by sheer effort or willpower, fulfill
someone else's purpose. Instead, I focus on my own path, knowing
that it, too, is important. After all, I am the only one suitably
 equipped with my talents, personality, and circumstances to
fulfill my purpose.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I trying to fulfill my own purpose or someone else's?
2. Am I able to be happy for others without feeling the
need to compete?
3. Do I recognize the value of my own set of talents and

Have a blessed and very positive week!

Remember if it is to be, its up to ME!!!

Type to you soon.

Warmest Regards,

Billy Womack

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