Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Motivated to help others for a change

In the past month I have been going through a LOT. Im sure most of you are going through something as well. The only difference is what will you do in adversity?? Will you allow it to hold you down, keep you down or will YOU make a stance that something HAS TO CHANGE! Stop "saying" your going to do something and make a plan of action and lay it out! If you don't write it out its going to be tough sticking it out! Write down what your "WHY" is

 Because thoughts are THINGS! If you think you CAN'T Your RIGHT But If you think YOU CAN your also RIGHT! Which one will you DECIDE to do? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You know there is a story of a old dog laying on a porch and the dog is just making a low pitch howl and as people walk bye they just look at him and finally a young man ask the owner... Sir, why is your dog just howling" and the owner said because he is laying on a nail..the young boy said well why doesn't he get up and move then? The owner said because he isn't hurting bad enough I guess!

 Guys SO MANY people are like this. They are hurting and SAY they want help but most of them just aren't hurting bad enough to do anything about it. Even when a better opportunity comes their way they say "That doesn't look like something I would be good at" or "That just sounds to good to be true" yet YOU their friend just started a few months ago from laying on his nail and is now feeling GREAT.

 Come to find out most people are simply afraid of success! Thats right. For some they have never had it before. Some are lazy as we know and some wont even try because their "Pride" wont allow them to try something new. If your in the same situation you were in 2-3 years ago then more than likely you are going to be there in the next 2-3 years! Your like the may be hurting but not bad enough. Make 2013 YOUR YEAR! Start TODAY though DONT WAIT until Jan.

 If you wait until January what your really saying is I am a annual goal setter. Your like the 97% GET OUT of there and switch to the 3% that set goals weekly and monthly! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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Thank you,
Billy Womack

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